The BEginning

The Bedford Area Education Foundation began when several community members met in September of 2001 and committed to develop tangible support for Better Education for our students.

As others joined the group, they found that they all shared similar concerns regarding education. The core group solidified, and so did the philosophy and ideas that made sense as to why and how to provide support for Better Education.

The group went forward with filing for non-profit corporation status in February 2002, under the name the Bedford Area Educational Foundation.

BE Principles

The foundation will operate under the following principles:

  • Tangible support for Better Education must be ongoing and self-perpetuating.
  • The Foundation cannot replace the need for public education.
  • The community recognizes the benefits of supporting Better Education for our children.
  • The educational responsibility for the children of our community belongs to all of us.
  • The community recognizes the value of maintaining an atmosphere of respect and support for our teachers.

Contact Us


Phone: 540-587-8744

Address: P. O. Box 2434   Forest, VA 24551

Board of Directors

Board of Directors - 2017

Executive Director:
Michele Shaffer Forest
Board Members:
Debby Allen Forest
Tim Black Bedford
Sara Holdren Bedford
John Mack Big Island
Marsha Melton Bedford
Rita Otey Forest
John Stinette Bedford
Donna Templeton Forest
Wyatt Walton Bedford
Board Member Emeritus:
Jennie Allman