Application for Funds

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  • Bedford County Public School Teachers may submit an application for funds to support educational enrichment programs and resources in their classrooms. Requests for technology equipment must meet BCPS guidelines. Grants are not given for furniture, parties or items funded by current school budget.
  • Applications are reviewed with the following criteria in mind:  prospects for success; number of students/schools that will benefit; clear objectives, a timeline, and a way to evaluate success; ability to be replicated by other classes/schools; realistic cost; uniqueness/innovativeness with sound academic principles in a recognized field of study; positive exposure for the Foundation; encouraged community involvement; benefit to improving teacher quality.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors 4 times per year.  Please submit by the following dates: September 1, November 1, February 1, April 1. Grants are awarded based on availability of funds and meeting stated criteria. 
  • Photo Release:  Your signature on this application grants permission to the Foundation to use your photograph in any fundraising or informational materials.

Submitted by:




Phone #






Amt. requested







# of pupils involved


Date of requested project/activity


A.     Funds are requested for the following:


B.     The educational value of this request is (see criteria listed above):


C.    This request fits into the school’s curriculum and objectives as follows:


D.    If full funding is not available, should partial funding be considered and what is the minimum amount that will be helpful?


Please include a title and description of your project along with a detailed expense sheet.  The following signatures must be acquired in the order given:

1. Signature of applicant _________________________________   Date ___________

2. Principal’s approval ___________________________________  Date ___________

Principal: Please submit this application to the attention of Dr. Karen Woodford after your approval.

3. Administration approval _______________________________    Date ___________

Administrator: Please submit by email to: or by mail: PO Box 2434, Forest, VA 24551

All grant recipients are required to submit a Summary of Program Outcomes Report Form upon completion of their project. Click here to download the Report Form as a Word document.