April 26, 2019 - Congratulations to the Bedford County Teachers of the Year!

Through the John White Memorial Grants, each school in Bedford County annually receives a $250 grant to give to their school’s Teacher of the Year. Mr. White was instrumental in the establishment of the Bedford Area Educational Foundation in 2000 and continued to provide unwavering support of the Foundation. His goal was to encourage teachers in their efforts to provide the best education for the children of Bedford County. With that in mind, the Foundation began to work with individuals and businesses in the community to fund innovative classroom projects as requested by teachers. We are so proud to play this role in recognizing exceptional teachers in our area!

2019 Bedford County Teachers of the Year

Amy Mallow

Amy Mallow, Bedford County Teacher of the Year, Huddleston Elementary 

Monica L. Bell

Monica Bell, Liberty Middle

Susan Blanding

Susan Blanding, Montvale Elementary

Lauren Boaz

Lauren Boaz, Moneta Elementary

Amy Chase

Amy Chase, New London Academy

Amanda Dean

Amanda Dean, Forest Middle

Lee Ann Ellis

Leigh Ann Ellis, Staunton River High

Shenandoah French

Shenandoah French, Forest Elementary

Melissa Gaylor

Melissa Gaylor, Big Island Elementary

Rebecca Gibson

Rebecca Gibson, Goodview Elementary

Mary Beth Hunter

Mary Beth Hunter, Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Terri Maass

Terri Maass, Otter River Elementary

Sam Morgan

Sam Morgan, BSTC

Christine Moxley

Christine Moxley, Staunton River Middle

Kimberly Nowlin

Kimberly Nowlin, Bedford Primary School

Jeannette Ogilvie

Jeannette Ogilvie, Liberty High School

B.J. Reid

Billie Reid, Stewartsville Elementary

Shauna Saunders

Shauna Saunders, Bedford Elementary

Sarah Watts

Sarah Watts, Jefferson Forest High

Lindsey Winfrey

Lindsey Winfrey, Boonsboro Elementary

January 29, 2019 - The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation has awarded BAEF a $5,000 grant to support teacher requests for educational programs and materials. This grant award will fund projects throughout Bedford County Public Schools, impacting the lives of thousands of students. The Bedford Area Educational Foundation sincerely thanks The Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation for its support!

Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation

November 3, 2018 – Thank you to everyone that attended BAEF’s Annual Back-to-School Breakfast on October 11, 2018. Please click here to enjoy an photo album from the Breakfast!

Dr Schuch looking through VR goggles      IMG_4222      students from Otter River

November 1, 2017 – Thank you to everyone that attended BAEF’s Annual Back-to-School Breakfast on October 5, 2017. Please click here to enjoy an photo album from the Breakfast!

Attendees 2      Diversity       Lego Display

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November 1, 2016 – Thank you to everyone that attended our Annual Back-To-School Breakfast in October! Here are a few pictures from the event to enjoy! Please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Bedfordeducation/?fref=ts  to enjoy the full Annual Back-To-School photo album! 

Breakfast Lobby 2016   Awards - Breakfast 2016   peanut-butter-jame